Safe Executive Transportation

safe executive transportation

A 360° Approach to Safety

Many of our clients consider Savoya a duty of care solution, thanks to a safety protocol developed by top-tier military, law enforcement and intelligence community professionals. Rest assured that your driver has been rigorously vetted and trained, and is equipped with better tools, intelligence and behind-the-scenes support than any other driver on the road.

Savoya’s Safety Program addresses risk at three distinct levels


  • Advance Driver & Vehicle Details provide driver name, phone, and photo as well as vehicle make, model, and license plate 2-24 hours prior to the start of each trip
  • Integrated Threat & Disturbance Monitoring software analyzes breaking news and online commentary to keep operational teams and drivers ahead of developing situations with potential to disrupt ongoing and upcoming trips
  • Obscured Traveler Communications enables calls and messages made through the Savoya Mobile App to hide travelers’ personal contact information for an added level of privacy


  • Multi-Layered Driver Screening and Certification thanks to a dedicated Fleet Management team that recruits, onboards, and manages driver partners who pass a multi-phased vetting process
  • Company-wide Privacy Policies: In addition to drivers’ confidentiality agreements, strict privacy standards prevent the sharing of client names and information beyond a need-to-know basis for successful service delivery
  • Strategic security partners who provide advisory and operational risk management support for our internal team as needed



  • Clear safety standards and emergency response procedures developed and audited by a team of professionals with broad security expertise
  • Ongoing risk management by an internal team that monitors the risk landscape of served geographies and recommends necessary operational changes as necessary
  • Our premium security-focused offering, Groundwork, expands service areas to elevated risk markets while upholding Savoya’s safety standards



Travel has inherent safety risks. Put those risks in perspective and learn how to avoid them with our Whitepaper “The Last Mile: Know Your Risks.” When was the last time you asked yourself who is behind the wheel?

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