Our Drivers

professional certified drivers

We are extremely selective about our Certified Drivers and we equip them with the tools, training and information they need to exceed your expectations. We hand-pick only drivers who meet our expectations for service excellence, believe in our core values and fit our company culture. They in turn deliver consistent, reliable safety and service across our markets.


Concierge-style service

Privacy and discretion

Consistent service delivery

Clean backgrounds

The biggest issue facing users of ground transportation today is the random driver problem. Mothers the world over have told us never to ride with a stranger, yet it happens all the time. Savoya combats this problem by making sure we know and trust every driver we put behind the wheel. Our Certified Driver Program ensures that our clients travel only with drivers our Fleet Management Team has personally met, screened and trained, and with whom we maintain a direct one-to-one relationship.

Our extensive driver recruitment process includes a written application, personal interviews, a vehicle inspection, background check, driving record verification, social media audit and more. All drivers participate in Savoya driver training and service and safety certifications.