Who We Serve

executive ground transportation

With our enterprise-class infrastructure and service delivery model, Savoya can satisfy any combination of ground transportation needs. Whether you need to move 100 people 100 times over the course of a year, or one person to five stops in a single day, we can help.



Supporting the business and personal agendas of C-suite power travelers is where we shine. As the industry leader in safety and service, we are the only consultative partner trusted by the most demanding travelers. Why? We listen. We anticipate and track every step of our customer experience to ensure that each interaction delivers what is needed, to whom, the way they want it and always on time.


Corporate Flight Departments and Business Aviation Companies have always played a major role in Savoya’s growth. Our service delivery model was originally designed to extend our clients’ highly specialized corporate aviation experience through the last mile. Our ability to tailor our secure ground solution to the needs of private aviation clients has proven critical to our success. Today we serve over 400 corporate flight departments and all the major business aviation providers, in every major global business market.


We have a deep understanding of the unique challenges Board of Directors meetings can pose. With high-profile attendees and the potential for media presence, expectations are at an all-time high, not to mention the complexity of scheduling multiple ever-changing itineraries. We have a host of tools, services and security protocols designed to help these critical events proceed without a hitch.


Security professionals look to Savoya as a duty of care partner and an able supplement to their in-house team, thanks to our extensive driver screening and management, location tracking and threat disturbance monitoring capabilities. Whether your chief concerns involve the personal protection of your principal travelers, security risks arising from your company’s public profile, or the increasingly-high number of domestic and international threats that exist today, Savoya’s worldwide footprint and consistent service standards make us a reliable choice across regions and requirements.