Many of our clients consider Savoya a duty of care solution, thanks to safety practices and technology designed by top-tier military, law enforcement, and intelligence community professionals. Rest assured that your driver has been rigorously vetted and trained, and is equipped with better tools, intelligence, and behind-the-scenes support than any other driver on the road.

You can trust that Savoya:

  • Screens, monitors, and actively manages each driver on our team
  • Ensures that every driver completes and maintains Savoya’s Security and Safety Certifications. These proprietary programs train them in situational awareness so they know how to identify and avoid security risks, as well as emergency response plans and how to respond in case of incident
  • Provides visibility before and during each mission with advance driver and vehicle information, real-time status notifications, and GPS tracking
  • Supports drivers with remote system access tools including immediate connection to round-the-clock live agents if they need assistance
  • Offers travelers anonymized, one-touch communication with drivers, driver profiles, and real-time arrival estimates through the Savoya Mobile App
  • Maintains constant watch over itineraries through unique, highly focused threat and disturbance monitoring capabilities


Travel has inherent safety risks. Put those risks in perspective and learn how to avoid them with our latest paper. When was the last time you asked yourself who is behind the wheel?