Client Care


From booking to final destination and beyond, Savoya has long been known for personalized attention and prompt service. Whether you are the traveler or managing trips for others, our team anticipates your needs with proactive suggestions, industry expertise, and robust oversight to streamline the experience. Automated tools give you direct access to your information and the power to book and manage from your own mobile device or desktop if you so choose. Every interaction with Savoya should reflect what our brand promise says best: guided by principle, grateful to serve, and restless in our pursuit of excellence.

High touch when you want it, turnkey when you don’t:

  • Consultative account management and proactive problem-solving based on deep knowledge of the travel landscape and secure logistics expertise
  • Designated client service teams so all your organization’s travels are supported in a consistent, familiar manner, by people you get to know and trust
  • The highest levels of responsiveness, regardless of which channel you prefer to use for communication
  • Automated, real-time notifications keep you and your extended team updated of trip status, through your preferred channel: text, email, or flight deck data link
  • Web-based client portal for access to reservation information, self-help tools, and self-serve booking and modifications
  • Mobile app featuring live GPS tracking and driver profiles empower clients and their teams from the road