More than a private driver

private driver

Designed for Peace of Mind

Savoya is more than a car and private driver. It’s more than an anonymous chauffeur shuttling travelers from Point A to Point B, and it’s more than an app to pull up once you need to go somewhere. With people spending increasing amounts of their lives in cars, those coordinating vehicles need peace of mind and a partner they can trust.

Savoya’s Secure Executive Ground Solution combines software and service to deliver the highest level client experience and safety available in ground transportation. This is how we help travelers and the teams supporting them sustain the momentum that allows them to do more of what they do best—rather than getting bogged down in travel distractions.

Secure executive ground is comprised of three specific components. First, well developed safety protocols and risk management features which are clearly evident throughout the delivery of service. Second, consistent concierge-style service experience that can be customized to their specific needs. Third, a holistic program supporting long-term, varying calendars with worldwide coverage, with the tools to keep support teams, as well as travelers, efficient and effective.

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