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in Minsk, Belarus

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Please be aware that in markets deemed by the U.S. State Department to be of elevated risk, we partner with Groundwork to ensure that we can fully deliver against our safety and service standards. Groundwork provides a more advanced security solution focused on ground travel risk mitigation appropriate to such areas. Learn more about this partnership.

Explore Minsk, Belarus

Our certified private drivers know Minsk, Belarus inside and out, allowing them to effortlessly navigate the city’s challenges and deliver you to your destination on time. They’re as attuned to your comfort as they are your safety, creating relaxed, stress-free and confidential spaces where you can conduct business on-the-go.

Getting Around In Minsk, Belarus

Need to get around Minsk, Belarus? Familiarize yourself with the following transit options and municipalities:



  • Anoshki
  • Astrashytski Haradok
  • Atolina
  • Azyartso
  • Bal’shavik
  • Blon’
  • Bol’shoye Stiklevo
  • Borovlyany
  • Charkasy
  • Chyst’
  • Drozdovo
  • Druzhny
  • Dubovlyany
  • Dukora
  • Dzyarzhynsk
  • Enyerhyetykaw
  • Fanipol
  • Gorodishche
  • Hatava
  • Horad Smalyavichy
  • Kalodzishchy
  • Khatsyezhyna
  • Khatyn’
  • Korolëv Stan
  • Krasnaye
  • Kurgany
  • Lahoysk
  • Luhavaya Slabada
  • Lyady
  • Lyasny
  • Lyeskawka
  • Machulishchy
  • Magistral’naya
  • Maladzyechna
  • Malinovka
  • Mar’’ina Horka
  • Michanovichi
  • Mikolayevichi
  • Minsk
  • Mostishche
  • Novosel’ye
  • Novoye Medvezhino
  • Nyehorelaye
  • Obchak
  • Petkovichi
  • Prawdzinski
  • Prilepskaya Usyazhka
  • Prilepy
  • Pryvol’ny
  • Ptich’
  • Pukhavichy
  • Pyatryshki
  • Radashkovichy
  • Rakaw
  • Ratamka
  • Rudnya
  • Rudomeyka
  • Rudzyensk
  • Samakhvalavichy
  • Shchomyslitsa
  • Skuraty
  • Slabada
  • Slobodshchina
  • Smilavichy
  • Stan’kava
  • Svislach
  • Syenitsa
  • Syomkava
  • Tarasovo
  • Usyazha
  • Valer’yanovo
  • Valyevachy
  • Vialikaja Barzdyn’
  • Volma
  • Vyaliki Trastsyanets
  • Yubilyeyny
  • Yukhnovka
  • Zabalotstsye
  • Zadomlya
  • Zagor’ye
  • Zamostochcha
  • Zaslawye
  • Zhdanovichy
  • Zhukov Lug
  • Усяж
  • Октябрьский

For an executive car service that focuses on service, safety, and discretion, consider Savoya. Our team is standing by whether you need our trusted drivers for a specific point-to-point trip, a period of time as directed by you, or for a longer duration spanning multiple days. Sit back, relax, and arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever the day holds.

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