YUL – Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport: Navigating the Blue Line

August 3, 2018

Travelers arriving at Montreal’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport (YUL) should be aware of unique procedures in place for connecting with their drivers at the airport. Because of restrictions on where drivers are able to wait at the airport, travelers must connect first with either a greeter or limousine commissioner before proceeding to their vehicles.

For travelers’ ease at this airport, Savoya recommends using a greeter who can meet travelers in the terminal and lead them straight to their driver curbside.

All others should follow the blue checkered line along the floor upon arriving into YUL, which leads outside the airport to a limousine commissioner located on the sidewalk. This applies to all arrivals into YUL, which feed into one large main terminal. Travelers should be able to see signage for the blue checkered line right after exiting customs and before entering the baggage claim area.

The traveler must check in with this commissioner, who will then call the driver. This applies to both travelers who have pre-arranged transportation, as well as those who need on-demand car service. The driver should pull forward to this spot within two minutes of being called.

Also, when traveling through Canadian airports, be advised that customs requirements differ based on the direction of travel. If a passenger is departing from Canada for the United States, they will clear customs before leaving Canada, not upon landing in the United States. Vice versa, travelers departing the United States for Canada, will process through customs after landing in Canada.

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