Savoya Announces Groundwork to Provide Secure Ground Transportation in Elevated Risk Markets

January 15, 2019

Savoya is pleased to announce Groundwork, a premium, security-focused service offering intended to provide secure executive ground travel solutions in international markets with increased security risks.

“Travel risks continue to escalate around the globe,” states founder Robert Dobrient, explaining the new service offering. “Over the last year, Savoya has increasingly prioritized safety and security. Yet there are certain locations and situations where we believe a more advanced security solution is required to fully deliver against the safety and service standards demanded by top executives and other high-level travelers. That’s where Groundwork becomes a significant advantage.”

Dobrient cites China as an example of a destination for which additional security is required. “As trade tension and geo-political friction continue to mount, China appears to be tightening its control on traveler freedoms, while corporate espionage continues to be a real threat. The U.S. State Department’s recent warnings regarding China’s arbitrary enforcement of local laws and use of exit bans as a coercive measure only underscore how critical it is to have the right local travel partners.”

He also identifies Mexico as an elevated-risk destination, though he notes that the risk is physical in nature, versus the more subtle monitoring concerns present in China. “Violent crime and homicide rates are up in areas like Mexico City, which was once regarded as a relatively safe city. Yet the growing presence of drug cartels, ongoing corruption and overcrowding all represent threats to traveler safety that must be closely managed.”

Savoya clients requesting ground transportation services in elevated risk markets will be served by Groundwork, as determined by ongoing security risk assessments. Groundwork will also be the standard for high profile and elevated risk events — such as CES and the World Economic Forum.

Dobrient describes, “Part of what makes Groundwork such a great Savoya service offering is its ability to scale. Whether the client is a family office or a Global 2000 chief executive with an enterprise-level GSOC behind them, Groundwork is able to support them with advanced technology and internal processes that draw on executive protection best practices. This makes it possible for Groundwork to provide a comprehensive, end-to-end ground mission solution for any principal, in any market.”

Explaining Groundwork’s approach to ground travel risk mitigation, Dobrient continues, “Groundwork carries out every mission with extensive advance preparations and reconnaissance conducted by its Secure Ground Specialists, who are trained in threat detection, emergency medical response, and who come from elite law enforcement, military or intelligence backgrounds. Specialists are in constant contact with Groundwork’s 24/7 Global Command Center team, whose proactive support and ongoing visibility minimizes the potential for disruption, once missions are underway.”

“Ultimately, nothing is more critical to us than the safety and productivity of our travelers,” states Dobrient. “We believe this service offering represents the best way to fulfill this need, and we look forward to continuing to provide our clients with safe, efficient and productive ground experiences — no matter where they are in the world.”

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