Savoya Launches New & Improved Mobile App

January 22, 2018

Savoya is making it even easier for clients to engage with them on their terms. Available today, the new Savoya Mobile App allows Travelers and Travel Coordinators alike access to Savoya’s travel management tools from the convenience of their smart phones and tablets. Designed and built in-house by the Savoya development team, clients need not worry about third parties through which their mobile information may be flowing – because there are none. The entire tool lives within Savoya’s proprietary CORE platform. The Savoya Mobile App is available for iOS and Android devices.

“While Savoya has always been known for legendary client service – particularly over the phone – more and more clients are looking for the flexibility and control of self-service options, and ways to give visibility to travelers themselves,” noted Meagan Gleason, Executive Vice President of Process Improvement at Savoya. “The Savoya Online Web Portal opened that door when it became available in 2016, and we’re excited to now offer access to that functionality in an untethered manner through the Savoya App.”  Particularly exciting is the ability to further streamline travelers’ initial meeting with their driver. With the Savoya Mobile App, travelers have their driver and vehicle information in hand so they can positively identify both upon sight. They can use the real-time map to see their own location relative to where the vehicle is stationed – which is particularly helpful on busy city streets. And they can text or call their driver with confidence if they need a quick update or clarification.

In addition, the Savoya Mobile app offers dynamically updating estimated arrival times, a summary of currently booked reservations along with the current itinerary details for each one. If there is a need to contact Savoya’s Client Care Command Center, their designated Team’s contact information is available in the app, through which they can be contacted via phone, email, or chat. Travel Coordinators can also book new reservations and modify existing ones up until the trip begins from the App.

Getting set up on the Savoya Mobile App is as simple as using it – no new passwords to remember and no multi-step authentications. After downloading it to a phone or tablet, a Travel Coordinator need only login using his or her Savoya Online Web Portal username and token-based authentication takes care of the rest. Once a passenger login has been created in a Traveler’s Passenger Profile and his or her private email address confirmed, a Traveler can follow the same path: download the App and login with the email address in their profile. Verification takes place in the background. As always, our Client Care teams are always on hand to help with questions and account setup. Please reach out to your Account Manager or to Savoya Sales for more information.

McKenna Michel

As an industry expert, Ms. Michel writes on company news and on the broader business impact of travel trends on various stakeholders.

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