LGA – LaGuardia Airport: Updated Pick Up Procedure

October 1, 2018

Recent construction at LGA airport has nearly completed, which now allows our Certified Drivers to greet passengers inside the terminal at their baggage claim. Although this arrival process has become dramatically easier, we still recommend using a greeter as a precaution (as specified further below) to meet travelers at their baggage claim and lead them to their Driver who will be positioned curbside.

Arrivals into Terminal B: Our Driver or greeter will stage in the baggage claim area in front of the Hudson News stand between baggage claim C and D. If the pick up has a greeter, the greeter will lead the traveler directly to the Driver curbside. If no greeter is used, the Driver will walk with the traveler(s) up to 10 minutes to the parking area where the vehicle will be located.

Arrivals into Terminal C and D: As has been Savoya’s continued process, the driver or greeter will stage at the baggage claim for the flight. In the event that the parking lots are full in this terminal, the Driver will be forced to pick up curbside, even if a separate greeter is not being used.

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