Know Which Vehicle is Yours with Savoya’s New Advance Vehicle Details

March 1, 2017

Savoya, the secure end-to-end ground solution trusted by the world’s most discerning travelers and their teams, is proud to announce the expansion of its advance driver details feature to include vehicle make, model, and plate number. In an often rushed and confusing moment, Savoya’s enhanced vehicle information is designed to reduce the difficulty of finding and positively identifying the correct hired vehicle in crowded pickup locations.

Long recognized for offering real-time status notifications to clients and related parties through text or email, Savoya added vehicle details to further enhance the security of its client experience. In fact, the service enhancement was inspired by a harrowing story recounted by a new client. Prior to using Savoya, their CEO traveled to Brazil, only to be kidnapped by someone posing as his driver as he left his high-end hotel for a business meeting – with his scheduled vehicle standing by just a few cars away. “People inadvertently enter into the wrong vehicle all the time,” notes Meagan Gleason, Executive Vice President of Process Improvement at Savoya. “Whether you’re in an unfamiliar city, or one not far from home, knowing who and what to look for is critical. We’re doing everything we can – and will have more features like this available in the coming weeks – to make sure our clients don’t end up in these situations.”

Having vehicle information ahead of time also helps to create a better service experience. When it comes to car service, finding a vehicle quickly and easily is an important moment of truth. Adds Ms. Gleason, “Have you ever noticed how many black SUVs are lined up in front of hotels and office buildings in New York? It can be daunting to find your particular vehicle… even more so in the rain. The more we help clients avoid that stress, the better the experience they will have with us.”

The new vehicle details are available for all vehicles in Savoya’s fleet, which services 300 markets on six continents.  They can be found in the Advance Driver Details Notification, which already included the driver’s name and phone number for a given reservation. Typically received 4-12 hours prior to a scheduled pickup time, notification preferences are available in reservation, traveler, and travel coordinator profiles. These can be accessed through the online self-serve dashboard or by calling Savoya’s 24×7 Client Care Command Center. Travel coordinators can identify who they want to receive each of the status updates, as well as their preferred format.

For more information, please visit, email, or call one of our client care specialists at 1.866.916.3081 (+ outside the U.S.).

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