Integrated Flight Deck Notifications Allow Seamless Communication with your In-Flight Team

February 1, 2017

Savoya now offers notifications directly to aircraft flight deck communication systems.  Pilots and flight crew no longer need to call the FBO to confirm a vehicle’s status. With our new flight deck integration, we provide Driver & Vehicle Details, On Location, and On Board notifications to your team in the aircraft through the same screen the flight crew receives weather and tower messages. Eliminate confusion and misinformation by connecting directly with Savoya for proactive and accurate updates for your principals.

As part of our ongoing efforts to continually improve and streamline the ground transportation experience, flight deck integration is the latest step in making sure our clients have the visibility and control they need in managing their principals’ travel. Savoya’s flight deck notifications are delivered in plain text designed specifically for aircraft communication systems, and arrive through a client’s or jet company’s data link service (for example, ARINC Direct or SatCom Direct).  After confirming a current subscription, a client must reach out to their service provider to authorize Savoya as a valid information source. Savoya cannot request this authorization on your behalf.

Once authorized, setting up your flight team is as simple as adding them to the notifications preferences in your reservation profile, which can be done through the self-serve online portal or by calling your Client Care team for assistance.

For more information about our new flight deck integration, please visit, email, or call one of our client care specialists at 1.866.916.3081 (+ outside the U.S.).

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