Savoya Leverages GPS to Roll Out Client-Facing Location Tracking Capabilities

September 27, 2017

Savoya today announced that it has rolled out live location tracking system-wide on all trips with Savoya Certified Drivers. Available through Savoya’s SMS text-based notifications to travelers, travel coordinators, and clients’ other designated stakeholders, the GPS-powered location visibility feature enables a wide range of safety and service improvements across the client experience.

With location visibility, Savoya’s On Location text notification now includes a link to a dynamic map where users can follow their vehicle’s route, view trip status, and keep an eye on the automatically updating estimated arrival time to the scheduled destination. Even better, clients can access this new information simply and seamlessly – without having to download an app or log in online.

Behind the scenes, Savoya’s quality assurance and oversight activities also benefit from data-based location verification, receipts and invoices include automated time stamps. “Most importantly, in the off-chance that there is an incident, we can immediately locate our vehicles and clients, receive updates on their situation, and react to whatever the issue is,” notes Meagan Gleason, EVP of Process Improvement.

Reach out you your Savoya Client Care team or contact us at to learn more about our location visibility capability and how to access this value-added feature today. Please note that while our team continues to transition, we cannot yet guarantee location visibility on every trip.

McKenna Michel

As an industry expert, Ms. Michel writes on company news and on the broader business impact of travel trends on various stakeholders.

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