Savoya Launches New & Improved Mobile App

Savoya is making it even easier for clients to engage with them on their terms. Available today, the new Savoya Mobile App allows Travelers and Travel Coordinators alike access to Savoya’s travel management tools from the convenience of their smart phones and tablets. Designed and built in-house by the Savoya development team, clients need not worry about third parties through which their mobile information may be... read more

Savoya Leverages GPS to Roll Out Client-Facing Location Tracking Capabilities

Savoya today announced that it has rolled out live location tracking system-wide on all trips with Savoya Certified Drivers. Available through Savoya’s SMS text-based notifications to travelers, travel coordinators, and clients’ other designated stakeholders, the GPS-powered location visibility feature enables a wide range of safety and service improvements across the client experience. With location... read more

Savoya Redefines Executive Ground Transportation, Transforming 
Customer Experience Through Technology & Enhanced Safety Features

Savoya, the secure, end-to-end ground solution trusted by the world’s most discerning travelers and their teams, today announced enhancements to its enterprise-class infrastructure and service delivery model to ensure a safer and more seamless experience for those moving through a world plagued by business travel anxiety. With geopolitical uncertainty, violent crime and terrorism weighing on travelers’ minds,... read more

Savoya Launches Designated Client Care Teams

Long known for its legendary customer service, Savoya breaks new ground today with the announcement of designated Client Care Teams at its Client Care Command Center (C4). A direct outcome of the technology enhancements that began rolling out in February 2016, Savoya’s new designated Client Care Teams will help maintain the intimate service experience of a small company despite Savoya’s continued growth. In... read more

Know Which Vehicle is Yours with Savoya’s New Advance Vehicle Details

Savoya, the secure end-to-end ground solution trusted by the world’s most discerning travelers and their teams, is proud to announce the expansion of its advance driver details feature to include vehicle make, model, and plate number. In an often rushed and confusing moment, Savoya’s enhanced vehicle information is designed to reduce the difficulty of finding and positively identifying the correct hired vehicle... read more

Integrated Flight Deck Notifications Allow Seamless Communication with your In-Flight Team

Savoya now offers notifications directly to aircraft flight deck communication systems.  Pilots and flight crew no longer need to call the FBO to confirm a vehicle’s status. With our new flight deck integration, we provide Driver & Vehicle Details, On Location, and On Board notifications to your team in the aircraft through the same screen the flight crew receives weather and tower messages. Eliminate... read more

ATL – Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport Modernization Construction May Cause Delays

Traffic and security delays may be experienced at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Airport (ATL) as a result of its ongoing new development program, aimed to renew, repair, enhance, and boost capacity at America’s busiest airport. Please be advised that travelers are advised to arrive 2 hours before scheduled departures to accommodate the airport’s many construction projects.  More information about the project... read more

LAX – Los Angeles International Airport Modernization Program Delays

Due to a large-scale modernization program, passengers traveling through Los Angeles International (LAX) may experience delays or inconveniences entering and exiting the airport. Please allow extra time to accommodate these disruptions and visit for more information about the airport improvement... read more