Corporate Angel Network: Stories from the Field

In March 2018, Savoya proudly announced its partnership with the Corporate Angel Network (CAN), which helps arrange private transportation to specialized treatments and clinical trials for cancer patients, bone marrow donors and recipients, and stem cell donors and recipients. Because these patients often have severely depleted immune systems, they cannot afford the risk of infection associated with crowded... read more

MEX – Mexico City International Airport: Finding Your Driver

At MEX airport, Savoya’s Certified Drivers will greet all travelers outside of customs. For travelers arriving into Terminal 1, Drivers will be located at the exit gate “E3” for all arrivals. Travelers arriving into the exit gate E2 can easily locate gate E3 by walking approximately 50 meters to the right as they exit. Drivers staging at gate E3 will be clearly recognizable, with signage stating the... read more

LGA – LaGuardia Airport: Updated Pick Up Procedure

Recent construction at LGA airport has nearly completed, which now allows our Certified Drivers to greet passengers inside the terminal at their baggage claim. Although this arrival process has become dramatically easier, we still recommend using a greeter as a precaution (as specified further below) to meet travelers at their baggage claim and lead them to their Driver who will be positioned curbside. Arrivals... read more

Book a Range Rover in London

Savoya is pleased to introduce a new travel option for the London market - European Premier Touring class vehicles, featuring the Range Rover 5.0 V8 Supercharged Autobiography. “The experience you have when booking an SUV in the U.S. isn’t really available in Europe,” explains David Russell, Senior Director of Performance Improvement. “You have multi-passenger vehicles (MPVs), like the Mercedes... read more

YUL – Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport: Navigating the Blue Line

Travelers arriving at Montreal’s Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport (YUL) should be aware of unique procedures in place for connecting with their drivers at the airport. Because of restrictions on where drivers are able to wait at the airport, travelers must connect first with either a greeter or limousine commissioner before proceeding to their vehicles. For travelers’ ease at this airport, Savoya recommends... read more