Threat & Disturbance Monitoring

Our Technology

Savoya’s Threat and Disturbance Monitoring capabilities help us identify schedule-disrupting incidents before they hit the news. This gives Savoya’s Certified Driver Partners a critical window of time in which to avoid potentially dangerous developing situations, as well as the police investigations, road closures and traffic jams they create. It is one of the many tools we use to eliminate unexpected stress and maintain the integrity and effortlessness of our travelers’ itineraries.

Our Threat and Disturbance Monitoring capability complements our security team’s observation of risk landscapes at the country and regional level. By leveraging the millions of eyes and ears on the street, around the clock, across the markets we serve and more, it adds the critical layer of dynamic, local intelligence to our understanding of a given environment—in the moment, from the front line.

Our Client Care Command Center alerts us to major security incidents an average of 9 minutes before they hit the news.

With cutting-edge technology that analyzes social media and breaking news for early indicators of events and information, and an algorithm that matches alerts to upcoming and ongoing itineraries, our system:

  • Processes more than 500 million pieces of raw data each day, in more than 100 languages
  • Alerts us to developing events such as attacks, fires, road closures, police-involved situations and other incidents as they unfold
  • Ensures that only relevant and potentially impactful information is passed to our operators in the field or, as the situation may warrant, to client teams

We consistently monitor activities in major urban areas and airports where we operate. We also track activities during the timeframes leading up to and through major events. The system’s customizability also allows us to add or adjust the areas and criteria being monitored as necessary.