Savoya COREview

Our Technology

COREview, Savoya’s secure online portal, gives clients protected, self-serve access to all their account information and specialized tools to make managing their travel a snap. With an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, it provides a dashboard view for managing all your reservations, a simple booking tool for generating new itineraries and quick links to information and reporting on completed trips.


Not only does COREview give you access to information at your fingertips and tools to book, monitor, and modify individual trips, it also offers features to streamline the booking and expense management processes. Never waste time sorting through emails again.

  • Access a holistic view of your account and trips in a single, searchable dashboard with immediate links to cancel, rebook, or view receipts.
  • Click any of the individual itineraries to see trip details and real-time status of ongoing trips, including driver and vehicle information, GPS map, estimated arrival time, scheduled stops, and billing information.
  • Customize a profile for each traveler to enhance their travel experience. Traveler preferences—such as notifications and saved locations—can be recorded and applied automatically to upcoming trips.
  • Book a new reservation with the help of “concierge mode” if you prefer a guided booking experience (ideal for new users), or use the standard booking form if you’re an experienced coordinator who prefers to enter everything quickly, all on one page.
  • Save time with special features like address autofills, saved locations, and payment options streamline the booking process.
  • Reduce the hassle of booking with strategically placed buttons offering rebooking and return trips with one click and easy adjustments.
  • Easy expense reporting with billing documentation searchable by traveler, date, reference codes, and more—all available as a quick download. 
  • Save extra steps and your time by providing direct billing and invoice access to additional stakeholders, such as procurement teams.
COREview Active Reservations Screen
COREview Reservation Screen
COREview Concierge Mode
Passenger Onboard

I love the Savoya service. The ease of booking reservations & obtaining receipts is exceptional!

- Scheduler/Dispatcher for a Corporate Flight Department