Customizable Notifications

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Gain complete visibility into your trip with Savoya’s industry-leading, fully-customizable notifications. Notifications can be sent via text, email or flight deck integration to any combination of Travelers and Travel Coordinators, giving you unparalleled, up-to-the-minute access to your trip’s status.

ADVANCE DRIVER & VEHICLE DETAILS Flight Deck Notifications Text Email

  • Provides 2-24 hour advance confirmation with driver and vehicle details, including driver photo
  • Sets safety and service expectations
  • Enables Travelers to positively identify their drivers, reducing stress at the time of pickup


ON LOCATION Flight Deck Notifications Text Email

  • Confirms driver’s arrival at the designated meeting point
  • Offers driver-directed staging notes with specific details on their current location—including a GPS map link with live tracking capabilities—enabling the Traveler to easily find and identify the correct driver
  • Facilitates safe, stress-free and timely initial Traveler contact

ON BOARD Flight Deck Notifications Text Email

  • Notifies extended team of successful Traveler pick-up
  • Offers Traveler location and ETA through Savoya COREview or the Savoya Mobile App
  • Allows teams to prepare for the Travelers’ arrival


ARRIVAL Text Email

  • Notifies extended team of successful Traveler drop-off
  • Confirms driver is waiting on location or nearby for Traveler to continue trip



  • Confirms Travelers’ safe arrival at final destination, providing peace of mind for the Travelers’ teams and family
  • Signals the end of travel and Traveler tracking availability

Notifications can be received via:

Email Email

Text Text

Flight Deck Notifications Flight deck integration
Flight deck notifications arrive through a client’s or jet company’s data link service (for example, ARINC Direct or SatCom Direct). Transmitting notifications directly to the aircraft’s flight deck communication system eliminates the need for pilots or flight crew to call the FBO for vehicle status.