GPS Tracking

Our Technology

Visibility into traveler movements isn’t a “nice to have” for power assistants managing executive travel—it’s a “must have” for travel coordinators and security teams.

Travelers and their family members benefit as well, as they can use it to find their drivers and to monitor their own travel to ensure they’re on track.


Savoya offers best-in-class traveler visibility, thanks to the following features and technologies:

  • Live GPS tracking from the time the traveler meets the vehicle until the trip completes
  • GPS visibility through both Savoya COREview and the Savoya Mobile App
  • Dynamically-generated estimated arrival times based on current traffic patterns

Using the dynamic ETA allows me to make sure that my traveler's team is ready to meet him at the hotel, ensuring a seamless experience.

- Executive Assistant to the CEO

The live GPS tracking lets me know when to start my preflight checklist, so I can be sure that we're ready for take off as soon as my principal arrives.

- Corporate Pilot