Our Technology

Our Technology

At Savoya, technology isn’t an add-on or an afterthought. It’s the core of our service offering. We are committed to evolving and growing our in-house development capabilities, because we recognize that having full control of the proprietary platform on which our business is anchored is a necessary part of retaining our status as a market leader in travel.



Real-Time Notifications

Customizable advance driver and vehicle details, on location, on board, arrival and trip complete notifications.



Savoya COREview

A secure, self-serve portal for managing your travel and account information.



Threat & Disturbance Monitoring

Over 500 million pieces of breaking news analyzed daily in the name of client safety.



Travel Coordinator Mobile App

Easily access all of your travel management tools from the convenience of your phone or tablet, wherever you are.



Traveler Mobile App

Access your trips, one-touch communication with obscured Traveler contact information, dynamic ETAs, and real-time location visibility.



Live GPS Tracking

From the time the traveler meets the vehicle until the trip completes, live GPS tracking is available to the traveler and their teams.


Integrated Flight Deck Communications

Eliminates the need for pilots or flight crew to call the FBO for vehicle status.


Flight Tracking

Monitors travelers’ trip status in order to identify and adapt to itinerary changes, so your car is on time, every time.