Driver Vetting

Our Drivers

Providing world-class service means ensuring we have world-class drivers behind the wheel on every Savoya trip. That means deliberately seeking out drivers who can perform at this elevated level and, more specifically, who reflect the following characteristics:

The “CEO” of their Car

We look specifically for drivers who take ownership of every aspect of their vehicles and who take pride in the experience they’ll create for our travelers.

Career Drivers

Driving for Savoya requires a commitment to service excellence. We look for drivers who build a life in this role and who exhibit long-term dedication to excellence in the field.

Poise and Professionalism

Savoya’s driver partners represent and reflect Savoya’s core values. The ability to navigate changing situations with poise and professionalism is critical.

As with all our team members, we seek drivers who embody the core traits required to deliver the personalized, consultative service for which Savoya is known: poise, empathy, resourcefulness, confidence and critical thinking. These skills help ensure that Savoya’s driver partners are able to proactively resolve ambiguous situations and deliver the thoughtful client care our travelers and their teams expect.

Due to these exacting standards, drivers can’t simply sign up to drive for Savoya. Our Fleet Management team utilizes a multi-stage application and vetting process, which includes the following components:

  • In-person interview
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Driving record review
  • Background check
  • Drug testing
  • Social media audit
  • VIN verification
  • Mystery shops
  • Insurance evaluation

Once a partner passes this initial vetting process, they are invited to onboard with our team, during which they complete Savoya’s service and safety certification programs. This process sets expectations around communication, confidentiality, personal and vehicle presentation, client interactions, etiquette, technology tool usage, emergency procedures, and equipment maintenance.

Once certified, drivers remain in close contact with our Command Center and Fleet Management team, where they receive regular feedback. This includes monthly scorecards that summarize key performance metrics, as well as ongoing mystery shops to ensure our high standards of service are consistent across our team of partners.

As a result of this well-developed process, you can expect Savoya’s Certified Drivers to:

  • Understand the requirements of discerning power travelers and be empowered to create the appropriate in-vehicle experience to meet their needs, particularly in challenging situations.
  • Adhere to the highest possible confidentiality standards, ensuring the privacy of all traveler-related information.
  • Consistently deliver against market-leading standards of safety and service, trip-to-trip, driver-to-driver, and market-to-market.