Redundant & Intelligent Oversight

Client Care Command Center

Secure executive ground is nothing if not reliable. This dependability stems first and foremost from a comprehensive trip management system designed and built by Savoya’s in-house development team. But the real magic lies in the fact that the system relies on the integration of code and human expertise to deliver the level of oversight precision demanded by our business.

Our oversight process utilizes a two-layered approach. While operational excellence starts with system-led data management, changes and exceptions prompt engagement from logistics experts who perform live verifications, communicate with key parties, and manage modifications at key milestones and based on defined service standards. Flight changes, potential security threats, or unintended travel discrepancies are just a few of the irregularities this system can identify and resolve.

The redundancy and intelligence resulting from this purpose-built oversight mechanism ensures both accuracy and consistency of management across all trips, regardless of driver or market.