Jeremy Burrows is dedicated to helping executive assistants become effective, empowered leaders within their organizations – without burning out. As the EA to the Founder and CEO of Capacity, Jeremy knows firsthand how challenging it can be to support the senior executives of today’s dynamic, fast-paced companies. Sensing a need for a forum where thought leaders and experts could challenge and encourage their... read more

Luxury Car Service ROI

If given the choice, would you choose to stay at a Four Seasons Hotel, or at a budget motel just a few miles away? Would you choose to make a transatlantic flight on a full-service private jet, or in an economy seat on a low-cost airline? If you chose the latter option for either question, it may be time to stop and consider if you have a personal affinity for subpar service and strange aromas. Everyone innately... read more

Sink or Swim: How to Stay Afloat (and Save Your Sanity) in Complex, Challenging Jobs

Run an internet search looking for productivity advice for those who juggle multiple demands in fast-paced work environments, and the common refrain you’ll see is this: stop trying to multitask. That’s great in theory — and indeed, the research that’s been done on our tendency to juggle multiple tasks suggests we’re better off handling one task at a time. But for many people, focusing on one single... read more


Since 1981, Corporate Angel Network (CAN) — to which Savoya donates ground travel services — has placed nearly 60,000 cancer patients on private planes to travel to and from treatment. If that sounds like a simple thing to do, it is anything but. Every single flight represents hours of work and planning on the part of at least two business aviation schedulers. It begins with CAN executive director Gina... read more

The energy of the new year is a great time to reflect, set goals and think about how we can do what we do even better next year. For some members of Savoya’s team, that means being more empathetic, becoming a better coach, being a better problem-solver or finding new ways to sustain excellence. And since our team is a big bunch of readers who love to learn, we invited them to share the books that have had the... read more

The start of the new year is a great time to reflect on new opportunities and new directions in every aspect of your life — including your career. But don’t let yourself be swept away by the excitement of New Year’s Resolutions. More than 80% of them fail by February, according to some estimates. To find out how to set work goals you’ll really be able to meet, set aside time to examine your career from... read more

Help Shape the Future of Momentum

McKenna Michel

November 1, 2018

Our goal with the Momentum blog is to serve as your go-to resource for business travel management information, news, insights and trends. But we need your help to get there! That’s why we’re asking: what do you want to hear about from us? So far, we’ve been covering the following topics: Travel Safety & Security — The information you need to stay safe while on the road. Industry Insights... read more

Last week, the Savoya team traveled to San Diego along with 7,000 other travel industry professionals for the 2018 Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) annual convention. In addition to exploring the more than 400 exhibitor booths, we attended several educational sessions and heard speakers including Arne Sorenson, CEO of Marriott International, address the current state of the industry.   With few better... read more

The Savoya team is looking forward to the GBTA Convention 2018 next week, where we’ll be attending sessions in the “Risk/Duty of Care” track in order to better understand upcoming trends that may affect the business travel management practices of our travelers and their teams. We’ll be sharing a round-up of our key takeaways after the convention wraps up next week. But in the meantime, we reached out to... read more

Recently, Wall Street Journal contributor Scott McCartney published an article titled, “A New Level of Security on Your Business Trip.” In it, McCartney introduced the concept of duty of care to his “The Middle Seat” travel column, focusing primarily on the need to be able to track business travelers, wherever they are in the world. But while traveler tracking is important, it is a reactive tactic.... read more