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McKenna Michel

November 1, 2018

Our goal with the Momentum blog is to serve as your go-to resource for business travel management information, news, insights and trends. But we need your help to get there!

That’s why we’re asking: what do you want to hear about from us?

So far, we’ve been covering the following topics:

  • Travel Safety & Security — The information you need to stay safe while on the road.
  • Industry Insights — Analyses of recently released research and industry findings.
  • Travel News & Alerts — Quick, actionable updates on major events, breaking news and travel industry advisories.
  • Business Travel Management — Guidance on making business travel as efficient and productive as possible.
  • Savoya Perspectives — Our take on broader topics affecting business travelers and their teams.


But to make sure we’re best serving your needs, we want your feedback. Please vote below on the categories you’re most interested in reading:

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Or, if you have an idea for a specific blog article you’d like us to write, you can always use the “Recommend a Topic” button in the right-hand sidebar to send us your suggestions.

We appreciate your perspective, and look forward to sharing even more relevant content with you.


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McKenna Michel

As an industry expert, Ms. Michel writes on company news and on the broader business impact of travel trends on various stakeholders.

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