Corporate Careers

Roles we’re looking to fill

Travel Coordinator:

Our Client Care & Logistics Team is constantly on the hunt for quality individuals with a passion for customer service. Your focus in this role will be catering to our corporate clients, coordinating and managing their ground transportation reservations and ensuring flawless service every step of the way. We are looking for individuals to work both from our Dallas Headquarters and remotely for this position.


We are looking for top-end sales talent with experience hunting within the Fortune 500 space. Qualified candidates must demonstrate the ability to navigate through complex organizations to uncover the appropriate decision makers, convey the Savoya value proposition, and close sales to help grow the Savoya brand.

Content Marketing & Communications Manager:

Are you a results- and detail-oriented marketer with a passion for creative communication and building a best-in-class marketing organization? This role will work with experts across our organization to articulate our brand’s story, tell them in a variety of different formats, craft a strategy for distributing them, and quickly scale our communication efforts.